Hi, my name is Ashley. I’m a thirty something single girl living in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

I’ve spent my entire life being fairly nomadic–born in Seattle, lived in multiple Connecticut towns, Dallas, Atlanta, New Hampshire, Michigan, New York. All of which ultimately prepared me to move across the country to a state I’d never even stepped foot in before driving 21 hours across a couple of the most boring states in the country. (Sorry Iowa and Nebraska. Not to point fingers or anything.) Six years ago I landed in Boulder, Colorado, one of the most beautiful places in the country, and it has been a great lifestyle change.

I run half marathons, drink a lot of craft beer, ski the slopes, hike the hills, stand on top of mountains in awe (and then Instagram the shit out of it), eat a lot of good food, root for the Broncos and try to travel as much as I can. I’m also an Interior Architect by training and have spent the past year and a half renovating my new home I bought. I have been a blogger on and off for the past 9 years. It all started the summer a two year old nicknamed me Ashalah and I started This? Is Not the Life I Ordered. That blog has since been shut down, but Ashalah.com has lived on.

TagĀ along onĀ this journey I’m on as I play in this wonderland I live in, try new hobbies, have fun adventures, conquer my fears and discover who I am in the process.

Welcome to my life. It’s not quite what I ordered but it’s pretty fucking spectacular.


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  • http://laureality.com Lauryn

    Sounds like an interesting story to me! Does that mean that you’re originally a Michigander?

  • http://EvieStewartsFunnyBone.com Evie Stewart

    I luv that you’re completely reinventing yourself, that you’re so brave to know that once you’ve had success, you’ll have it again. You’re more than a half full person, obvi. You inspire me to look at the uncertain road ahead with optimism.

  • http://myveryprivateworld.blogspot.com noe

    i never knew why you’d left… one day i check your blog and you weren’t in the states… you were in ireland or some place.
    glad to finally understand everything.

    have a great ‘new beginning’

  • http://poodlegoose.wordpress.com poodlegoose

    Dude (yes, I just said ‘dude’), you are awesome. Love the new place and the new start :) Happy 2010!

  • http://poodlegoose.wordpress.com poodlegoose

    Looks like I should have waited a few more to read your about me page :)

  • http://www.solitarypanda.com floreta

    omg i love finding likeminded people!! i believe i’m in a similar ‘stage’ of life as you. out of luck romantically, the wanting to travel to find myself, the freaking out about getting old (well, not really.. but 30 IS approaching!).. the wanting to move someplace i’ve never been and starting over. loving it every step of the way! love.

    i look forward to 30 actual. it’s a woman’s sexual peak! HECK YEAH! lots of shagging!

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  • http://www.katieblogs.com Katie

    So, It’s my fault that I don’t read your blog enough to know your updates on life.


    BOULDER? Could you move any further from me?!

  • http://hastamananabanana.blogspot.com Kristy

    Just found your blog linked from livitluvit. I like what I see and I will read more! Just wanted to say hello! :-)

  • http://www.simplymeinbaltimore.blogspot.com Brittany

    Just found your blog from Jessica @ Classy in Philadelphia. I love it! Good luck on your move :)

  • http://my-lovesweettooth.blogspot.com/ Esther

    I definitely relate to your post about the horrid job-leaving that hell-and finding happiness story. Your post took me back to that time in my own life when I was also hating life and took a summer off-which to this day-is still THE BEST summer of my life. I think the one blessing of sucky jobs is they make you so grateful when you find a normal job-even if it isn’t perfect.

    great post!


  • http://zubrowka24.blogspot.com/ Lexi

    You went to UNH?! I am from NH :)

    Also, I went to school in CT!

  • http://mininggarnet.wordpress.com Garnet

    Just stumbled upon your blog.. I was born and raised in small town Connecticut! Not exactly as glamourous as city life, but it has its quaint little perks : )

  • http://mshort.wordpress.com Mikael

    Love your story, your writing (hi, fellow English major!), and… yeah. After reading this, I’m stuck on your blog too! =D

  • http://shallowthoughtswithtiffany.blogspot.com/ Shallow

    Just coming across your blog. feeling a similar way about my own current situation. Yah to making “it” happen! Back in my younger days, I was known to requent the Beta house on the UNH campus, not my best look. :)

  • http://www.codaandpaco.com Jen

    Stumbled upon your blog- love it! I’m from upstate NY and my husband and I moved to Colorado over 3 years ago on a whim as well. We had never even been to the state but it just sounded good!

  • http://www.girllovespearls.com Leandra @Girl Loves Pearls

    High school in small-town Connecticut? Me too! Madison, to be specific. How’d you like it?