around my thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Tons of great food and usually a lot of laughter around the table. I rarely go home anymore and while I miss my mom’s cooking and being able to catch up with my family, I have started the tradition of hosting what we call the Feeding Friendsy, more commonly known as Friendsgiving. I’ve been celebrating Thanksgiving with friends for many years but last year was the first time I owned my own home and took on a large group of people (13 to be exact). So the tradition began.

This year was slightly smaller, at only nine people (only!), and I spent the days leading up to it going all Martha on my house. Let’s just say there was a lot of glitter involved, and even some spray paint.

My current dining table, the bane of my existence (it’s oak–I hate oak–and I attempted to paint it a few years ago. It wasn’t the best paint job I have ever done so it stays covered at all times.), is pretty small. It only fits four people so it’s hard to have dinner parties. I borrowed a large plastic table from work for the additional people ┬álast year and was able to do that again this year. With a little rearranging in my living room I am able to squeeze everyone in!


I have been really into decorating for parties this year. I’m not sure why, you would think I would always be into the decorating but this year I’ve started getting more creative. This was by far the most crafty I have gotten so far. I had a color theme of silver and gold and made name cards out of paint chips I pilfered from Home Depot, cute wine glasses out of mason jars with some fun sale ribbon and I spray painted my left over small pumpkins with some antique gold and silver paint. I even took some of my favorite wine bottles I have been saving and stuck some gold striped candles in them for great center pieces. A cheap plastic-y (very technical term) gold table cloth for the additional table matched up perfectly with my white and gold tablecloth on my main table and I just used silver paper napkins. I have to watch my money with these dinner parties, I can get a little crazy otherwise. Thank god for Target’s dollar section.


Name cards

Mason jars

Everything turned out perfectly. It was so beautiful and worth covering myself in glitter for. All nine of us fit much more comfortably around the table and it felt like an actual dinner party, with everyone sitting around a table. Usually when people come over, we stand around my kitchen island. Actually having everyone at a table, using my grandmother’s silver, all matching real plates and lit candles makes me feel like I’m an adult.

Thanksgiving tablescape

There was a lot of good food last night, plenty of laugh-til-you-cry moments, some impromptu karaoke to cheesy 80s power ballads (which eventually turned into 90s boy bands), lots of wine flowing and even more to be thankful for. I have found the best group of friends that are like family here and while we couldn’t all be together this year, it’s nice to know that I am not alone on the holidays even if I can’t make it home to my family.

Glimpses of a friendsgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, all!


  • KezUnprepared

    Looks beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving! Definitely a very adult thing to do – go you haha. I always wonder when I’ll feel like an adult. It seems being married, having a house and a kid still haven’t done the trick!!

  • Baking Suit

    How cute! Great job. I managed to have clean silverware, enough chairs and beer/wine/pie for everyone so I called it a win even without decorations. Okay that’s not true, I printed pictures of Brody out and replaced 5 year old photos of Frank’s niece and nephew with them.