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February. Whew. What a whirlwind. A whirlwind of awesome!

Sorry, I just had to say that.

Beaver Creek

I can’t believe it’s the last week of February. This is just another great month in a line of great months, yet this one may take the cake as the best so far. I’ve taken my skiing to new levels, spent a lot of quality time with great friends and have pushed my boundaries in whole new ways. Basically, life is good.  To finish off this month, six friends and I went to Beaver Creek for probably the most epic weekend of skiing, ever.

Beaver Creek

Since I’ve started skiing harder hills I’ve gotten a lot more confident in skiing and have definitely enjoyed skiing more. I have advanced more in the past three months than I have in the last eighteen years, thanks to my friends pushing me, and my willingness to be pushed. I have been working on my technique, watching other skiers and snowboarders closely and imitating as best I can. I never learned proper technique–I skied into a lodge wall, decided I needed to learn how to slow down and stop, so I learned how to snowplow (or pizza) and that was it. That’s all I did. Pizza all the way down the mountain. Goal: not hit lodge walls was successful. Now I’m learning how to french fry. It only took 18 years….

The confidence that I have found over the past few weeks definitely took a beating this weekend. I found myself way out of my comfort zone and pushed really hard these past couple days. The blues I went on were far more technical and steep than any I had been on before and there were several moments where I had to stop mid-way down a slope just to gather strength to continue. I’m not talking physical strength, but mental strength. I know I can do these slopes, I know I’m capable of it and my ability is there but the heights. The lack of feeling like I’m in control. I couldn’t get myself out of my head. I would be in the middle of attempting to go down this spectacularly steep hill–steeper than anything I’ve ever done before–and would just have to take a holy shit moment and tell myself that I can do this, over and over and over again.

Beaver Creek

These scary moments usually followed getting lost and winding up surrounded by blues and blacks. Saturday was great, I was on slopes I wanted to be on but Sunday was definitely plagued by getting lost. Lost, lost and more lost. Despite all that though? I HAD A BLAST.

Beaver Creek

I got to spend an entire weekend with good friends and new ones, laughing and goofing around, and got to spend two entire days doing what I now love most–skiing. I pushed myself super hard and am really proud of myself for doing the hard stuff and not backing out, even though I sometimes wanted to. I remember stopping once, looking back up the hill and contemplating how bad it would be if I took off my skis and walked back up the hill to the other run. The important thing was, though, that I didn’t and I kept going. I kept doing the hard hills, even if they scared me, just to prove to myself that I could. The holy shit moments were outnumbered by the holy crap this is amazing moments.

Beaver Creek

I skied hard. By the end of the day Sunday the thought of making the effort to stop myself at the end of the hill was just too much. I was that sore. And it was awesome. I literally skied until I couldn’t ski any more. I think everyone else felt the same way, too.

Beaver Creek

The car ride back while stuck in traffic, with Brian passed out, JoJo having too much fun, all our crap and can you spot the pomeranian?

What a great weekend.

  • GrumpyReign

    10 years of living in ski-friendly areas and i still haven’t gotten around to trying out skiing. your posts from the last couple months have thrown that in my face like a really, really strong drink. i’m thinking this coming winter will have to be the time that i stop failing to get around to it, if only so that you’ll stop inadvertently shaming me.