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Guys. My toe is disgusting. It’s black and blue and now the blood blister that was hiding out underneath my toenail? IS OUTSIDE OF MY TOENAIL.

I’m so hot you can barely contain yourself, right? I have never liked feet, especially my own, but mine just reached a new level of nastiness. I said to myself right after my first half, and right before my 2nd, that I was going to treat myself to a pedicure after all this was done. Any hopes of that in the next year have been dashed thanks to the blackness of the toenail that I’m pretty sure no one wants to see and I sure as hell don’t want anyone touching it. And you know what? I miss nicely manicured feet. I do.

Don’t worry, I’m never going to become that runner who posts pictures of their gross runners toes. If I did, I surely would win prizes though because I haven’t seen any this gross. I apparently have no qualms giving you graphic mental images though. You are so welcome.

I love running. It’s been the one thing that I have found that makes me genuinely happy. I can actually tell if I haven’t run in a while because I become mopey, a little angry and I definitely cry randomly for no reason. So I keep running and I stay happy and I don’t scare strangers by random teary outbursts.

Unless I look at my right big toe. Then I cry a little for my long lost pedicure dreams. (OK OK I’LL STOP ABOUT MY TOE.) (I can just hear my mother’s voice telling me about how I shouldn’t be so graphic with my toe problems) (Love you, Mom)

I remember finishing my first half marathon and thinking I never, ever, ever wanted to run 13 miles again and knowing full well that in a month, I had to do just that. I told myself I would finish the second half marathon and then that was it.

This past Sunday I finished my third half marathon. So much for that. And I’m now planning my fourth–a half marathon up in the mountains between Georgetown and Idaho Springs, two awesome little spots. I didn’t train at all for this third half marathon so  I’m sore, I’m a tad gimpy and well, we know the state of a certain appendage, but I’m so happy because of it. I got a new PR of 2:09, a whopping 13 minutes off my last time. Suddenly I’m eyeing the sub-two hour half marathon prize, which scares me because this next race will be the first time I actually have a goal in mind. The past three I just wanted to survive.

The actual running itself is great, but what really makes it wonderful? The people I’ve met through running. Back in August I finally bit the bullet and went to my first group. I have belonged to that site for years and haven’t been to a single meetup off of it–until this year. I now have a group of friends who meet every tuesday (and many other times during the week) to run and drink beers and belly laugh and plan our own winter olympics in the mountains. It’s a wonderful community and I count myself very lucky to have found myself in it.


They are a big part of the reason why I’ve finally embraced the Colorado lifestyle and why I’ve come to consider Boulder home. So, before this becomes a bit of an Oscar speech where I won’t take home any little gold men statues, I just wanted to say that yeah, running is pretty awesome and it’s brought so much more into my life than I thought possible.

See, this post wasn’t as disgusting as it sounded like it was going to be right?

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  • phampants

    Woo on the 2:09!

  • suki

    Good for you!!! This is awesome. Even though you’ve got the ugly toes…

  • GrumpyReign

    i really need to know what the butterfly is about. THIS IS IMPORTANT.