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Happy (belated) Halloween everyone! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays; I love getting dressed up, seeing everyones costumes, carving pumpkins and all the scary movies. This weekend I celebrated, along with the rest of Boulder, on Saturday night with a party I hosted and a night out where I was actually present for last call. It’s been a while since I was at a bar that late! And by late, I mean 1:30.

I love hosting parties and have hosted several Halloween bashes in the past. It gives me an excuse to bake–and clean my apartment. Past shenanigans have included Tavern on the Green, a costume party at my old apartment and dressing up at past jobs. This year, Brand About Town approached me to host a Nintendo Wii party to show off their new Wii Play: Motion and 12 mini games and since I work weekends and have the weirdest schedule ever, the only night that coordinated with my friend who has the Wii and myself was this past saturday. So OF COURSE I turned it into a Halloween party too. After all, I had a prize to give away and a costume contest would force everyone to show up all decked out. It was a win-win situation.

First off, three ten year old boys came. Can I just say HOW MUCH ENERGY THEY HAVE?? Holy birth control, batman. They were crashing around my apartment while I finished getting everything set up (because hi, I work all day Saturdays. Boo.) and this was BEFORE the sugar rush started. Once we got the game started they were the first ones to test drive all the games. They weren’t as interested in the first games and there were some very melodramatic moments of “I DON’T WANT TO PLAY WITH [insert name here] ANYMORE” but once they got started and I reminded them there was a game to win, they focused and the hitting was at a minimum. And by minimum I mean like every two minutes instead of every 30 seconds.

Clearly I’m not used to hosting parties with kids present.

We all took turns playing with them, much to their dismay at having to be beat by a bunch of girls. I won a couple rounds of Skip Skimmer (skipping rocks) which I was pretty proud of since we all were having difficulty actually throwing the rocks. We got yelled at a lot by the kids, since they were the experts clearly. 

Out of all the games, we really liked the Spooky Search (the one where you have to search for ghosts by pointing the remotes around the room) and the Wind Runner (umbrella racing, which I kind of sucked at. Why avoid the tar when you can get stuck in it?!). We also really liked the fact that a lot of the games required teamwork instead of competing against each other. (That may have decreased the hitting each other game they had going on even more.)

Towards the end of the night we had ice cream sundaes with every topping imaginable. The inspiration Brand About Town had for the Ice Cream Social theme to the party was from one of the games called Cone Zone, where you had to balance scoops of ice cream on your “cone.” While we didn’t have any real balancing acts going on, we had some delicious sundaes. It’s been a while since I’ve had a sundae of any kind and mmmm. SO GOOD. There also were cookies and these adorable marshmallow pops Cassie made that were so creative.

After the initial sugar rush the boys were on–which I’m pretty sure had their heads spinning–came the blessed sugar CRASH and suddenly we had three very sleepy kids barely mobile on the floor. We did hold the costume contest–Donna was a witch, Cassie a Swiss Yodeler/Beer Wench, Margot was Princess Daisy and her husband Jon was Waluigi from Super Mario Kart, Wiley was the Grim Reaper, Conner was a Power Ranger/Ninja, Nick was a gangster and I was a peacock. After some voting, Nick, the gangster, won his own copy of the 12 games and a remote! Everyone also got adorable ice cream bowls with their own spoon to take home.

The varying stages of a sugar crash.

It was a very fun evening and after we sent the kids home, the rest of the adults (that’s a very loose term here, even for those like me that are closing in on 30) took off in full gear down to Pearl Street (the main drag in Boulder) where we wound up at Catacombs drinking, dancing and mainly people watching. The costumes we saw were AMAZING! I love people watching on Halloween, especially when people get creative outside of the usual “Sexy [insert profession/insect/animal here]“. My favorites included a guy wearing a lego head, George Michael complete with saxophone and playing Careless Whispers to everyone, the dick in the box girls, the dead Alice in Wonderland characters, a really awesome Black Swan (there were a lot but one in particular was really good) and Madeline.

Staying out til 2am when you have to be at work at 10 the next morning probably wasn’t my brightest idea but it was so much fun! Overall it was a great weekend, despite not being able to dress up at work like I did last year. Trust me, it’s much more fun working with clients when you are dressed up and they’re looking at you oddly every five seconds. Great ice breaker.

Disclaimer: Brand About Town sent me the Wii Play Motion games and remote plus ice cream & sundae fixings all free of charge. My opinions are my own. 


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