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One thing I have really enjoyed about Boulder is the weather. I always make comments on how nice it is when updating my status on Facebook. (Talking about the weather. Lame, I know.) I can’t help myself. It has been sunshine-y, on and off warm and yesterday was no exception. I mean it got up into the EIGHTIES and I got a sunburn. The weather is very flip-floppy but I don’t really mind all that much.

Everything’s getting greener and spring is fast approaching (despite the fact that it will probably snow Friday.) and while I cannot wait to see what Boulder is like during the spring and summer months, a little part of me is missing spring in NYC.

Spring in NYC is…close to magical. I have experienced spring in several different states, cities and climates but I have never seen somewhere transform in such a complete way, as I have in the big apple. If you have ever lived in New York, you know what I am talking about.

You go months in the pits of hell that is the cold, icy wintry months of the northeast, with winds that whip around the buildings, a constant grayness that never seems to ever want to leave. And then there are the mounds of piled up gray slushy gross snow that accumulates at every street corner. Winter in New York is miserable.

Then suddenly the temperatures skyrocket. The sun is constantly out, the pavement glistens and all signs of winter just disappear as the trees burst green and the cherry blossoms along the reservoir pop in brilliant pinks. Every winter I would grumble about how I was moving out of New York but then spring hit and I was in love all over again.

The people are smiling, everyone is in a good mood, the whole city is smiling. Clothes are shed, heads can be safely held high again without fear of losing ones nose to frostbite and suddenly you are reminded of just how good looking New Yorkers are. There are flowers coming out of every corner that isn’t paved over and early morning walks through central park, while still a little chilly, are incredibly beautiful and full of adorable dogs, all out playing in the newly reopened lawns.

There are picnics every weekend with friends. There’s the promise that only spring can bring–brunches in the Sunday sun at sidewalk tables outside every restaurant and evening happy hours on rooftop bars. Tanning sessions on your lunch break and (even more) trips to Red Mango or Pinkberry to fulfill your frozen treat needs.

I can’t wait to see what Boulder has in store for me this spring. I have a feeling it will not disappoint, but I can’t help but miss my city.

What is your favorite thing about spring in your city?

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  • amber

    I’m going to have to go with cherry blossom trees also. I live in a town, in northern MT, but we have cherry trees everywhere. They go all pink and gorgeous. Except sometimes a late frost strikes and they die within a week or two, which is always tremendously disappointing. Hopefully this year they’ll bloom for a while!

  • Suburban Sweetheart

    Cherry Blossoms! A city with TREES. It’s amazing here in the spring. I sort of even hold the tourists dear…

  • Kyla Roma

    I’m so jealous of your cherry blossoms I’m literally having them tattooed on me. Why doesn’t spring look like that here?!? lol

    The thing I love most about our city when the spring comes is how thrilled people are to get out and be active- the streets are spilling over with people who are just so incredibly happy. You can’t beat that!

  • wendryn

    I wish we had cherry blossoms!

    Spring in Reno lasts about…oh, ten minutes, I’d say. That’s in between the snow and the heat. Yay for high deserts!

    Seriously, though, spring is the only time we really get nice, gentle rain that lasts more than a few minutes. I like sitting out on the covered bench on our patio and just listening to it come down. That is worth waiting for.

  • Ashley

    Colorado in the spring is a really great place to be. My favorite thing is the thunderstorms in the afternoon. Nothing about Colorado weather is reliable, but the thunderstorms usually hit about 3 p.m. and they are intense! Sometimes they’re followed by hail and/or tornadoes (though the tornadoes don’t usually get too close to the mountains, so you guys should be fine in Boulder).

  • Jess

    Ash, I LOVED this. It’s so true, too. People start smiling at one another, you realize how cute they are, it’s cheerier and brighter and just all around magical.

    Thank you for reminding me!

  • Ben

    We’re not expecting spring for another four months or so.

    I hate everything.

  • Ally

    DC is similar to NYC, but I think it warms up a touch earlier. This is the first winter I’ve been back east and I felt like I was going crazy by the end of February. But now things are coming back to life and that is fantastic.

  • Amy

    Love the pic!

    My fav part about my city is just getting outside and enjoying the weather :)

  • LiLu

    DC is a lot like NYC in the spring. Well, at least after the winter we’ve had! It’s seriously like the biggest breath of fresh air ever.

  • Karen

    We have cherry blossoms here on the meadows along the river and it’s so beautiful (see here or here or here).

  • Michelle

    Spring in Montana is a lot like winter. I went for my run in snow today, very cold and gray!

  • poodlegoose

    LOVE the header! And spring in SC is nice, but only if we don’t jump straight from winter into summer. upper 80′s is pretty hot!

  • SillyJaime

    I’m not sure I can pinpoint my favorite thing about Spring in my city (besides my birthday, but that’s everywhere and not just in my city). I love Spring. I love warm weather, and the gradual change of Winter to Spring. Fresh rains, fresh cut grass, crocuses, and my birthday.

  • EMUjournalist

    Flowering trees, especially the magnolias. Then the day that everything suddenly turns bright green. Oh yeah, and finally being able to open all the windows for some fresh air.